88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates

Another book has my High Heel STOMP Of Approval!

I’m thankful that my father and I have worked to build a great relationship together. That hasn’t always been the case.  As a product of divorced parents, I didn’t have that intimate connection with my father since my siblings and I lived with my mother.  That’s usually the case in broken homes.  Daddy -Daughter relationships can sometimes be severed, so I take great care in making sure my husband and daughter have their special times together. Whether it’s having “tea and cookies” on the floor in her room, or putting together a princess puzzle on the living room floor, they are building precious memories.

Mothers are creative by nature, but sometimes Daddy may need a little help. Well, help has arrived. Rob and Joanna Teigen have done all of the thinking for the dads in their memory-maker book, 88 Daughter-Daughter Dates: Fun, Easy, & Creative Ways to Build Memories Together. My daughter is all girlie-girl. Right now she’s in love with paint, crayons and construction paper, flowers, and cooking. Those things are perfect matches for dates such as There’s No One Like You, A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood, Paints, Pots & Plants, and All Dressed Up And Someplace To Go.

88 Dates gives dad everything he needs to know and purchase (very little cost, if any) so the only thing he has to worry about is having a good time. During and after their good time, they can have “God time.” The “grow” section at the end of each chapter will get daddy and daughter talking. 

I’ll be handing this book over soon and make my husband promise to take lots of pictures. These will be times neither will forget. “Say cheese, baby girl.”

Available March 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.