If These Shoes Could Talk

If These Shoe Could Talk

If These Shoes Could Talk is a 30-day devotional for a woman’s daily walk. Tia McCollors uses inspiration infused with humor and wisdom to deliver a message that will move women forward in their lives of faith.

At the end of each reading, she lists scriptures to “Stand On The Word,” as well as a self-reflection section to “Think It Out. Write It Out. Walk It Out.”

Some devotion titles include: “Your Royal Highness,” “Me and My B.I.G. Mouth,” “Upgrade Me,” and “Pantyhose and Rubber Bands.” If These Shoes Could Talk is the first book of the Prissy Purse Devotions series.

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What People Are Saying …

In If These Shoes Could Talk, Tia McCollors gives you bite-sized wisdom – just enough to inspire you for today and strengthen you for tomorrow – and practical questions and scripture to help you unearth your potential.
~ Valorie Burton, bestselling author of Successful Women Think Differently and What’s Really Holding You Back?

 The If These Shoes Could Talk devotionals will help you see God’s mighty shoe-prints in your everyday life and focus more on the path He so desperately wants us to walk. And Tia’s sense of humor makes the journey all the more enjoyable.
~ Michelle Stimpson, national bestselling author of Falling Into Grace

Looking for encouragement and practical advice on how to strengthen your relationship with God?  If These Shoes Could Talk is the perfect light for your path. Tia McCollors writes with grace, humor and an inviting faith that draws you toward the heart of God. While reflecting on gems from her life’s journey, she gently nudges readers to do the same.  Wherever you are in your faithwalk, this devotional will bless you – as it did me!
~ Stacy Hawkins Adams, author of Coming Home and Who Speaks To Your Heart?

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Thoughts In Action, LLC
June 2012
ISBN-10: 0615679889
ISBN-13: 978-0615679884