The Truth About Love

Truth About LoveFour women…Four Lives…One God

Best friends Paula Manns, Belinda Stokes, Zora Fields and Monét Sullivan have depended on their faith and each other when times got tough.

Paula’s marriage is in shambles and she’s not sure if it can be repaired. Belinda’s teenage stepson seems to want nothing more than to make her life miserable, and it’s causing more drama than her marriage has ever experienced. After Zora has finally accepted her adoption and settled into being a new wife, her husband announces his call to the ministry. Now Zora wonders if she has what it takes to walk beside him. And Monét Sullivan has gotten a first hand look at the marital conflict and strife of her friends, which is why she’s unsure about a lifetime of commitment with her boyfriend.

Is love enough to pull them through?

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Moody Publishers,
Lift Every Voice Books
ISBN-10: 0-8024-9862-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8024-9862-5