It Started In A Styrofoam Cup

25 years ago

The bus rounded the corner at the end of the road, bringing an energetic load of elementary school kids. It was the same bus I’d ridden when I was in elementary school with the same driver – Ms. Joyce wheeling  bus number 311. It came to a screeching halt in front of the house and my brother and sister jumped out,  jetting across the spacious back yard like two brown jets.

They busted through the back door of the house carrying a Styrofoam cup. Inside of it was a small sprout buried in a scoop of black soil – the beginnings of a tree. Of course at that time our minds couldn’t conceive that years later it would tower over us and provide such useful shade in the back yard.

The power of a seed! The words we speak today, will be the fruit that we eat from tomorrow. Sometimes we forget about the importance of the words we speak because we don’t always see the immediate consequences. How different would your words be if you the effects were instantaneous?

We’ve all said things that we regret, but unfortunately our lips don’t have a rewind button. But believe it or not, God wants us to have a B.I.G. mouth. Read more about Me and My B.I.G. Mouth in my newest e-book devotional, If These Shoes Could Talk. It’s available now to download to your Kindle or to your kindle reading apps.

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If These Shoes Could Talk is a 30-day devotional for a woman’s daily walk. Tia McCollors uses inspiration infused with humor and wisdom to deliver a message that will move women forward in their lives of faith.

At the end of each reading, she lists scriptures to “Stand On The Word,” as well as a self-reflection section to “Think It Out. Write It Out. Walk It Out.”

Some devotion titles include: “Your Royal Highness,” “Me and My B.I.G. Mouth,” “Upgrade Me,” and “Pantyhose and Rubber Bands.”

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In If These Shoes Could Talk, Tia McCollors gives you bite-sized wisdom – just enough to inspire you for today and strengthen you for tomorrow – and practical questions and scripture to help you unearth your potential.

~ Valorie Burton, bestselling author of Successful Women Think Differently and          What’s Really Holding You Back?

A Good Excuse To Be Bad

From Tia’s Pen… I first met “Miranda Parker” in 2003. She struck me as a
person who was quiet and collected with the words she spoke, but her words on
the page were powerful. They left you with an uppercut to the jaw just like her
protagonist Angel Crawford could do. From the eyes of a writer, every sentence
is written with purpose. And from the eyes of the reader, every sentence leaves
you wanting more. For anyone who fell in love with Murder, Mayhem and a Fine
Man by Claudia Mair, Parker’s debut novel, A Good Excuse to be Bad, will be
another literary romance for you! And from a girl who loves sweets just as much
as I love books, A Good Excuse to Be Bad is just as delicious as Parker’s slammin’
banana pudding!

About….A Good Excuse To Be Bad
Smart gorgeous and too tough for her own good, bail recovery agent and
single mom Evangeline Crawford moved to the burbs for a quiet life.
Fortunately, it’s not turning out that way…

Angel has to admit she’s feeling restless. The only excitement in her life
is her schoolgirl crush on the town’s new pastor, Justus-too-Hot-to-be-Holy
Morgan. But a fateful encounter and a job gone wrong at Club Night Candy in
Underground Atlanta is about to change all that…Soon, Angel’s trying to save
her divazilla twin sister from her big mouth and a scandalous murder charge,
and probing a church cover-up–with none other than Justus by her side. But
Angel has one more pressing concern; will Bella be ready for kindergarten? Only
time will tell for this bad girl gone good whose days are once again far from
boring–and hopefully far from numbered…

About….Miranda Parker

Miranda Parker is the author of the Evangeline Crawford
Bounty Hunter Series. After graduating from college, she began working as a
features editor for various magazines and spent many years as a publicist for
national recording artists, actors, ministers, and authors. However, writing
fun, fiesty, redemptive bad girl gone good stories is her passion. She resides
with her family in Georgia near a horse ranch and her daughter’s Girl Scout
Troop. On a perfect day she can be found curled up with a good book or in a
movie theater with a bucket of popcorn.

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